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Hello Bud-Heads!

Dripping wet, in the City of San Francisco. We're braving the winter!

The Trio is busily storing our nuts away


Markey is counting the guitars in his closet and searching through various storage spaces for amps that still work and do not smell funny

Bud E's fully charged after his last trip to LA

Mikey and Markey are selecting heating pads and boot dryers

Bud E. has been sitting for interviews with "Lounge Singer Weekly" Magazine, Markey is writing a new book entitled "How to Play Saxophone in 60 Seconds or Less". Mikey is producing a video called "How To Live With Foster Animals And Your Wife".



See you at the gig!


Bud E has just completed his new sculpture of Tony Bennett at the SF Fairmont Hotel. Tony was so thrilled with it, he commissioned another one for his bathroom.


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The Trio & The Orchestra

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1992 Vintage Show in New York City

The Luv Show is Nationwide!

We have got some private shows coming up, are you on the list? If not, check back here for upcoming public events in and around San Francisco in the new year.

Normally, there would be a phone number here for some public venue.


The Fabulous Bud E Luv show celebrates THIRTY ONE years of Luv on Friday, February 15th, 2019

Full Extravaganza

Angelica's Redwood City

863 Main St.

The Luv Show in small and vente size

It has been a lovely 30 years of Luv, so now our original Paradise fans are training their offspring. Get in your post-Valentine significant-other credit with dinner and show ala the Budster! You will get your foot in the door after surge pricing has passed. This place has got class, and the proper attributes for a show such as ours. Good looking people, great food, and a fantastic bar. Oh, and superior entertainment! It's a restaurant, bring the kids. Don't miss out on an opportunity to demonstrate how music is played by actually mastering an instrument.

Call 650-679-8184 for razzes and tix. Or hit them up online.

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