Welcome To The Luv Lounge!
Welcome to Virtual Las Vegas, folks. We have designed the Luv Lounge to allow you to do all of the same things that you'd do in any Vegas lounge. You can buy drinks. You can listen to the music. You can choose from a Luv-ly selection of Bud E. Luv Show merchandise. You can brush up on The Fabulous Mr. Luv's tips about fashion and romance. You can step use Mr. Luv's advice to make new friends. Who knows. Maybe you'll meet the lounge cat or kitten of your dreams!

Do I Need Money In The Luv Lounge?
What? Are you kidding? This is Las Vegas, my friend. Of course you need money! The good news is that you play with Bud E. Dollars in the Luv Lounge. And when you enter the Luv Lounge, you automatically receive $200 Bud E. Dollars. You can spend these in the bar, the casino, or use them to impress the other cats and kittens that you meet in the Luv Lounge.

What Happens When I Run Out Of Money?
If you run out of money, you have two options. Your first option is to try to win money in The Casino. Whether your game is Blackjack or Poker, you can improve your cash position quickly by trying your luck at the tables. Your second option is to borrow some money from the Budster. You don't have to ask the Budster for more money. When he sees your account go into the red, he'll let you run a tab. But be careful. If you get too far into debt, Bud E. will send Leon, the Pit Boss, after you. And believe me, the cat ain't polite.

What Computer Equipment Do I Need To Have Fun In The Luv Lounge?
Most any computer will do in the Luv Lounge but you will need a copy of the latest web browser by Netscape or Microsoft. You must also have installed the Shockwave plug-in by Macromedia. Finally, a 28.8K modem is currently required to listen to Mr. Luv perform, although support for 14.4K modems is coming soon. Your browser must accept cookies.

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