Stevie works while Mikey and the Luv-ly Anna Luvalopolis observe Markey strutting his stuff for the Meet The Babes Page. Markey invited his good friends Harry Connick, Jr. and John Tesh to help out that night. The guys put together an outfit that really conveys the man, the image, the personna that is Markey Luv. Be sure to check him out, ladies.

Mikey finds the perfect shirt for the cover of the album that started the disco craze: Shake Your Boot E. What can I say? Mikey's threads swing the most. Mikey's personal valet, Giacomo Armani (no relation), designed this particular piece in 1972, two years before the release of the album. The fabric is the finest stock from Mikey's own silkworm ranch in North Tuscany.
Read 'em and weep, folks. Stevie and Mikey get busy with the Bud E. Luv Big Band's main Luv Kittens, Anna Luvalopolis and Kim Karnaval (accent on the last syllable). What more can you say about these too luv-ly's? They got it, you want it, and that's about the size of it.

Mikey relaxes while the luv-ly Anna (see reflection in window behind Mikey) prepares her debut appearance on the Meet The Babes Page in the new Cyber Luv Lounge. Anna's rare blend of charisma, talent, and drop dead good looks makes her a headline act.

Mikey, Markey, and Bud E. take a break in the studio after a grueling three hours of shooting. Stevie's bachelor pad, located just off the Las Vegas Strip (behind the old Sands Hotel), swings the most for a photo shoot or copywriting sesh. Bud E. always brings Max, his personal bartender to all production dates at Stevie's. Max's martinis keep the band going into the late late hours. He never bruises the gin, his vodka is always perfectly iced.

Truly the swingin'-est cat in Las Vegas, Dexter Luv (no relation) chills with the Budster during a photo shoot. In the off-season, Dexter serves as a consultant to Siegfried and Roy. He's loves what they're trying to do with those cats.

The boys hard at work for the Shake Your Boot E. album cover. We did 172 takes of that cover that night. It was a comedy of errors. Markey's fly kept popping open. Bud E. got ahold of a bad batch of hair gel and we had to work overtime to achieve desired loft. Poor Mikey choked on an olive in his 5th and 7th martini. Bud E. and Anna jumped up and down on Mikey's back and got him breathing again both times. It was a close call and we switched Mikey over to Odwalla Apple Juice for the rest of the night.

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